Our offer is dedicated to the producers of electronic equipment or products containing electronic components who want to focus on their core business instead of standard processes. We provide outsourcing of all aspects of product manufacturing.


Typically, we manufacture batches of 500 – 10,000 pieces. We specialise in complex and more complex products assembly. But we also produce the simpler ones. Each Client is approached on a personalised basis to understand his needs and prepare the most suited offer.


If you choose JM elektronik to be your Partner in contract assembly of electronics, you can enjoy the fundamental business benefits:

  • Your company management focused on the key processes and advantages (typically on R&D and marketing strategy and operations);

  • Lower demand for capital (warehouse, logistics process, investments in production means, production facilities, advanced ERP class IT system, costs related to workers', process engineers', controllers', warehouse staff salary etc.);

  • Economic metrics’ improvement (ROI, cash conversion ratio, inventory rotation) by more efficient resources use;

  • No personnel-related issues (shortage of professional staff in the labour market, staff turnover, excess of employees during economic downturn);

  • Access to advanced technologies with no need to constantly invest in such resources;

  • Considerably greater flexibility of the organisation – in the constantly changing economy, an invaluable advantage.


Similar to logistics, electronics assembly is a standard process. However, to be effective and efficient, it must be very well planned and implemented, the equipment must be used on a regular basis, while the employees should be well trained. Any apparent savings make the process become weak, consequently resulting in losses, delays and significant costs.


As electronics manufacturing is our core business, we focus on it in the first place. We constantly work at least two shifts, often 6 days a week. Thus, all our investments in this regard are beneficial to us, directly stemming from the scale of our operations, specialisation and process excellence.

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